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Companies often find themselves in the position of needing personnel to travel between two or more locations on a regular basis. Conveniently, you determine the flight schedules based upon what is best for your employees.

Since morale and productivity are key components to the success of any company, flying charter offers many benefits that will keep both components high. For example, employees will enjoy up-close, free parking at a private airport facility and can arrive as late as 10 minutes before departure. By reducing the stress of travel and enabling employees to spend more time at home with their families, they will appreciate and value the investment that the company has made in them.

A Corporate Shuttle also saves your employees valuable time just by getting them to their destination quickly and conveniently plus, they can conduct business on board as if they were in the office.

If your company has employees traveling between specific locations on a regular basis, then our Corporate Shuttle Service could be a convenient and cost-effective tool to increase employee productivity and morale, as well as increase your bottom line.


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